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Who is Bump & Blok?

We are a start-up based in New York, founded by a mom who appreciates how important it is to be comfortable for the months when you’re carrying another life (or two, or three!) We created Bump & Blok so that expecting moms have a go-to they can count on for comfortable, affordable and stylish maternity wear.

Why does Bump & Blok only offer limited styles and garments?

We offer a limited range of styles because we're starting out small with plans for growth. We plan to offer a wider range of apparel including tops, pants, shorts and other items very soon. We are inspired by simplicity, so we offer a range of basic designs that you'll want to wear over and over.

Where does Bump & Blok make its clothes?

We manufacture exclusively in the United States and we're very proud of that fact. For more information, see our Sustainability page.

How can you offer prices lower than other maternity apparel retailers?

Bump & Blok is an ecommerce brand. We manufacture in the USA and sell directly to you through our website. This retail plan allows us to avoid lots of overhead costs like the high costs of physical stores, retail markups and the like. Additionally, by focusing on basic styles, we don't follow the trends and we're not constantly changing our styles trying to find the new "it" garment. We understand as a pregnant woman, you want to look and feel good, and we're confident that our range of basic styles in great blok colors will achieve just that.

How do I know what size to buy?

We know it can be hard to determine your size when online shopping, which isn’t made any easier by being pregnant. We have a size chart on each product page which provides a range of estimates for each size. We don’t include detailed measurements because we have never found them overly useful. But if you have any questions, email us at hello@bumpandblok.com and we can help guide you to the right size.